Shanaya Kapoor opens up on Bollywood debut with Bedhadak!

23rd Sep, 2022

Now, another star kid Shanaya Kapoor is gearing up for her debut film Bedhadak. Daughter of actor Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor is making sincere efforts on a daily basis to ace her role in the movie. Presently, she enjoys a huge social media following prior to her Bollywood movie debut. 

Recently in a media chat, Shanaya disclosed that she has mixed bunch of emotions while moving forward towards realizing her dream. She revealed, “I’m both nervous and excited. Nervous because it’s important that I do the best job and because it isn’t just a first film, it’s the first step towards hopefully a long and varied career. And excited because I’m finally a step closer towards realizing a dream I’ve had since childhood. It’s a mix of all kinds of emotions. Gurfateh, Lakshya, and I have prepped a lot for it, and it’s a very special film for the whole Bedhadak team. It’s very close to my heart! I’m extremely grateful to have gotten a film like Bedhadak."

Furthermore, the debutant actress revealed, “I am very excited; it’s not a typical ‘launch’ as perhaps people would expect. It’s a solid story about 3 youngsters, and the character is quite challenging - I’m preparing for it. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’m working very hard to prove that I deserve it."

Shanaya further told, “I want my performance in this film to make people feel that I earned this opportunity- that I didn’t waste it or that I didn’t take it for granted. I’ve worked very hard and I will continue to - it’s not even something I want to keep repeating because that is the job - you’re meant to work hard, and I have. I hope people recognize that when they see my work."