Asha Parekh to express displeasure over Indian women choosing western clothes!

1st Dec, 2022

Recently, veteran actress Asha Parekh, who attended the 53rd International Film Festival of Goa (IFFI), asked why Indian women choose to wear western clothes while speaking at a session. The Padma Shri recipient expressed her displeasure over the same, stating that 'Everything has changed'. She pointed out how gowns have replaced ghagra-choli, saree, and salwar kameez at Indian weddings.

The Pagla Kahin Ka actress, while talking at a session in the 53rd IFFI, specified that everything is so westernized. "Everything has changed. The films that are being made. I don’t know, we are so westernized. These days, girls are attending Indian weddings, wearing gowns. Arre bhaiya, humari ghaghra choli, saariyan aur salwar-kameez hai aap wo pehno na. (We have ghagra choli, sarees, and salwar kameez, why don't you wear those?)” asked Asha Parekh. "They just watch the heroines on the screen and wish to copy them. They just want to wear the clothes that are worn by the actors on screen. No matter even if they are fat or not, they just want to wear those clothes. I am very sad about westernization," further added the 80-year-old actress.