Vaibhavi Merchant opens up on working with Deepika Padukone for the first time!

14th Dec, 2022

Recently, the makers of Pathaan divulged the first song Besharam Rang. The song has been trending worldwide ever since its release and followers and viewers have gone berserk admiring how Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are looking in the song. Ace choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant, is over the moon with the response to the song, and she lately talked about what went on behind-the-scenes!

Vaibhavi reveals, “Strangely, I’ve never been able to choreograph something for Deepika until Besharam Rang. So, this is my first song with Deepika and I knew I had to do something really special for this one. It was very endearing for me to see her approach me and say ‘finally we get to work with each other'. I said, ‘Deepika I truly want to make this very special for you because this is our first and I don’t want to shoot a better song than this for you in the future.’”

Vaibhavi further reveals, “Deepika put in a lot of hard work to look the way she is looking in Besharam Rang. She had an entire crew - dietitian, her physical trainer and the stunning costumes by Shaleena. I was mighty impressed with the way she just approached all the costumes she's like, yeah, she's cool to wear this, she's cool to wear that. So, I think that really triggered a certain style in which this song should be shot. Because I was like, I can't make her wear those costumes and make her do steps in a way that we usually shoot songs.”